Ancestors Brookhiser

Eighth Generation

128. Johannes Cornelius BRUCHHÄUSER was born on 14 Apr 1737 in Obernhof. He married Anna Clara PHILIBAR on 19 Feb 1760 in Obernhof. [Parents]

129. Anna Clara PHILIBAR was born calculated 6 Dec 1740 in Obernhof. She died on 26 Dec 1788 in Obernhof, Nassau. [Parents]

she died at the age of 48 years, 2 weeks and 6 days


130. Johann Philipp HUBERT was born on 12 Jul 1740 in Nassau. He died on 21 Jul 1814. Johann married Anna Catharina LORENTZ on 23 Feb 1762 in Nassau. [Parents]

131. Anna Catharina LORENTZ was born on 26 Apr 1741 in Nassau. [Parents]


132. Johann Philipp ZIMMERSCHIED married Maria Magdalena GÄNßMÜLLER on 9 Feb 1752 in Dausenau. [Parents]

133. Maria Magdalena GÄNßMÜLLER. [Parents]


134. Georg Philipp MAI was born about 1740 in Dausenau. He married Elisabetha Magdalena KRAFT.

135. Elisabetha Magdalena KRAFT was born about 1740/1750 in Mauxer Hof. [Parents]


136. Andreas DIETZ Gerichtsschöffe was born calculated 1706 in Dausenau, Hessen-Nassau. He died on 7 Feb 1774 in Dausenau. Andreas married Christina Margaretha verh. Dietz before 1740 in Dausenau, Hessen-Nassau. [Parents]

died at the age of 68 y.

137. Christina Margaretha verh. Dietz was born calculated Mar 1711. She died on 1 Jul 1778 in Dausenau.

died at the age of 67 y.4 mo.


138. Johann Jacob SCHMIDT married Christina Margaretha BLUME on 25 Jun 1749 in Dausenau, Hessen-Nassau. [Parents]

139. Christina Margaretha BLUME. [Parents]


152. Johann Georg BUSCH Cabinetmaker was born on 4 Jul 1720 in Nassau. He married Elisabeth Margarethe HUBROT (Huppert) on 4 Nov 1753 in Nassau. [Parents]

153. Elisabeth Margarethe HUBROT (Huppert) was born on 5 Nov 1722 in Nassau. [Parents]


154. Moritz GLEIBER (KLEIBER) Master-bricklayer was born in Scheuern. He married Catharina Louise SCHMIDT on 8 Feb 1771 in Nassau.

155. Catharina Louise SCHMIDT was born in Dannen. [Parents]


156. Friedrich Wilhelm MEYER Cabinetmaker was born on 11 Jun 1726 in Nassau. He married Anna Christina LEYENDECKER on 3 Jan 1747 in Nassau. [Parents]

157. Anna Christina LEYENDECKER was born on 10 Oct 1728 in Nassau. [Parents]


158. Johann Wilhelm URBAN Layjudge was born about 1722 in Dörnberg-Schaumburg/Nassau. He married Johannette Catharina LORENTZ on 7 Apr 1744 in Nassau. [Parents]

159. Johannette Catharina LORENTZ was born on 30 Mar 1727 in Nassau. [Parents]


160. John MILLIMAN was born on 13 Mar 1736 in Kingston, Washington, RI. He married Hannah FOWLER in 1758. [Parents]

161. Hannah FOWLER was born on 20 Jan 1740 in RI. She died on 26 Mar 1819.


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